One of the unique and innovative feature of CCRB is its high internal value. In a nutshell, consumers, businesses, and investors who purchased CCRB gets rewarded every time they use the coins on the platform. This means, your coin becomes 4x higher than the market value, or a fixed baseline, or whichever is higher on everything you buy on the platform. We have over 30,000 partner merchants worldwide that you can spend your CCRB on so don't forget to check them out. 

In order for us to make this format feasible, each retailer chooses the amount of CCRB they wish to access as payment for their goods on the platform. This is calculated as a maximum percentage of the total purchase price, at any given time. 

So, based on the margins on their products and how much exposure they want at any given time, retailers now have the flexibility and freedom to choose the amount of ‘reward’ they want to give CCRB spenders.

It’s a program that’s already tried and tested. In a 2017 study, global loyalty and points programs generates a whopping $120 billion annually. Retailers, like our 30,000+ partner merchants know the value of running cashbacks and loyalty programs in increasing their new and repeat sales consistently.