There are several reasons why your referral bonus is still pending. But don't worry, every reason can be easily rectified. Two of the most common reason is that the referral account is still not verified or the person referred is not active. 

Do take note that an account is only considered active once 1 million hashes are mined through any of our mining methods including Shop & Mine, Game & Mine, CPU mining etc or have made a CCRB purchase during any of our flash sales.

We have no minimum spend limit on your account for shopping, gaming or other redemption options available. However, for coin swap, withdrawals to exchanges, or ERC20 wallets, the minimum withdrawal is $40 from your approved balance. If it is less than that amount, it will not go through because of the blockchain fees involved. 

If you are sure that both the referral and referred accounts are active but the referral bonus is still pending, please do let us know and we will be happy to help