You can start mining using your mobile phone or computer by clicking this link Please make sure you have uninterrupted internet connectivity for good results .You can mine and collect as many hashes as you can.value of CCRB received in internal value will vary based on your membership

Free member          =$2.5 per 1 million hashes

Prime member         =$5    per 1 million hashes

prime plus member =$10  per 1 million hashes

Above figures are in internal value which you get to spend on our shopping platform to get savings.External value of CCRB is the exchange rate decided by the market.

There are many other ways of mining CCRB and mine:you have mining through playing game -first time in history crypto mining this has been introduced by CCRB.Crypto candy crush game is available in your account section ,earn you hashes when you complete each level.Please go to the game section for exploring this.

2.Shop and mine:This s unique concept introduced by CCRB.Not only you get shopping discounts when you spend /buy gift cards through Beepay section,you also earn 1000 hashes for every $1 you spend.

3.Compare and mine:In UK,you can compare and switch your gas and electric and earn $250 internal value worth CCRB.

4.Also for UK customers ,you can subscribe to chitram TV in the Beepay section and earn crypto for every month subscription.

5.Activity mining:CCRB also offers various activities such as daily activity,weekly activity,monthly and yearly activity;which gives you additional amount of hashes .You can explore this in your acount ,under beehive.

there has never been a crypto currency which has so many mining options available.