1. ID Verification - government issued, non-expired, unaltered photo ID showing expiry date and date of birth. 

( Your Id proof should contain your name (exactly same as your BeeOne account) & photograph . Please attach an original photo / scan of your ID (passport/Drving  Licence Etc) with the entire edges of the page visible. We do not accept screenshots. You can upload the original file of the document proving your address )

2. Address Verification - recent utility bill / phone bill (not more than 3 months old) matching the name and address in your profile.

(Attach a scan or a photo of any document (JPEG, JPG, PNG) of the past 120 days with your name and your residential address (exactly same as your BeeOne account) (bank account statement or utility bill). We don't accept edited images. Please do not bend the document. All parts and edges of the document should be visible.)

3. Bank Account verification - recent Bank account statement (not more than 3 months old).  required only page showing bank account details and your name.

(Attach a scan or a photo of your Bank statement (JPEG, JPG, PNG) of the past 120 days with your name (Exactly same as Your BeeOne account) Account number & Sort code (account number and sort code should be exactly same as Your BeeOne account). We don't accept edited images. Please do not bend the document. All parts and edges of the document should be visible.)

You can only upload JPG/JPEG/PNG (max 3mb size) files for the KYC HERE. Our staff will review manually within the next 3 Business Days.

Enter your details before continuing. Wrong or poorly formatted information will result in a failed verification and could incur an administration fee being applied to your account.