All online transactions are logged by our participating merchants who in turn pass reports to our affiliate network partners who collate the data and send itemised reports to Beeone. We then calculate your cryptohashes. Some merchants may report these transactions instantly whilst others may take up to 60 days. 

Aside from delays if you were not correctly logged in as a Beeone member at the time of purchase or that the retailer's system had problems notifying us of your purchase, your purchase may not show up in the report.

In such circumstances, Beeone cannot be held liable for delayed or untracked payments. We will however, do our very best to resolve any issues. Please ensure you have done everything possible to ensure your purchase is tracked and qualifies for cryptocurrency back. If you feel you may have lost out on a cryptocurrency back reward or that your transaction was not properly tracked, please raise a new ticket with your full name, email address and details of the transaction. Also, make sure you have a note of your transaction reference or confirmation number with the retailer so we can identify the purchase. If possible please upload a copy of your receipt. We will then investigate the matter and let you know the outcome as quickly as possible.