When shopping online, it is important that you login to our website before purchasing from an online merchant or you will not receive cryptocurrency back. You will need to search for the merchant you wish to purchase from through our site or App and then click on the link we provide. If you fail to do this you will bypass the tracking process and not receive your cryptocurrency back reward. You can search for a particular business or keyword or use the Quick Links on the left hand side to select a category and browse through hundreds of top brands. When you click on a business, you will notice the description expand. Clicking on the Get cryptocurrency back button will take you to the merchant site. Clicking the Cryptocurrency back button tracks your activity and enables us to award any due cashback. The retailer’s website will open in a new window and from then on, simply shop as you would normally. 

Remember the prices on the merchant websites are the same as for any other customer going direct to that retailer but you will receive your cryptocurrency back up to the advertised rate once our reconciliations department has collected transaction reports and marketing fees from that retailer. Your cryptocurrency back balance will then be updated accordingly. Sometimes cryptocurrency back is awarded and approved immediately but other times, it may show as pending for up to 60 days due to the account clearance time from the merchant .