CCRBX user platform allows you to save money shopping both online and in-store at thousands of participating merchants that are willing to pay for your custom. Unlike a discount that is taken off your bill at the point of sale, cryptocurrency back is credited to your account after you have purchased the goods or services. Once you collect enough hashes as cryptocurrency back, you can either use it or trade it. Merchants pay us and we pass maximum rewards on to you. you can get upto 25% of your shopping value as cryptocurrency back in internal value worth CCRB.

You also get 2% upto 100% CCRB discounts when you shop with all major retailers in UK, through our shopping /digital giftcard platform,Beepay. Become a perfect living memeber and buy enough CCRB to enjoy the maximum savings when you spend.

Let us know if you need more details on maximizing your savings and also benefiting more from the platform.